The International Center for Atresia-Microtia Repair

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the world’s source for atresia-microtia repair

The International Center for Atresia & Microtia Repair is a leading global facility for treatment of aural atresia and microtia. Dr. Joseph Roberson, a Board Certified Neurotologist, has performed over 1,000 atresia repair surgeries as well as other types of hearing restoration procedures for children and adults. We have performed this hearing restoration surgery as early as three years of age, in cooperation with many different microtia surgeons from dozens of countries, so that hearing can be maximized during a crucial language and brain development phase occurring between three and five. Our atresia repair techniques are compatible with all forms of outer ear reconstruction - rib graft, medpor and prosthetics. Yearly, several conferences around the world are offered for education and personalized treatment planning.
- Mepor, Rib Graft, and Prosthetics

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