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Patient Stories - Jakob's Story

jakob's hearing story"The audiogram revealed what I also feel, that my hearing has improved a lot. I went from around 70-80dB to 0-10dB. The ENT was like me very impressed and we agreed that it’s like a miracle… He spoke very highly of the procedure and assured me that I made the right choice by getting the surgery. He even said that I my case the ear canal reconstruction was the only and the right procedure for me from his point of view. It meant the world to me that I finally found a local ENT that approved my decision, simply fantastic experience.

Its so amazing that my hearing keeps improving, nuances in music and speech gets more clear, especially higher notes definition has improved a lot. I have also had a sense of bass frequencies but they are also much clearer now than before. My sense of direction in noise ha improved almost to perfection. I keep putting myself in situations on purpose that I before my surgery was unable to handle. Now I can sit in any chair at a meeting and still hear everybody even while turning my head away an only having to use my right ear. It’s such a joy and I often catch myself smiling because it makes me so happy. Also in bigger crowds with lost of talking I would have been lost before, but now I manage much better, it’s still on of the few situations where my head gets really tired, but I can go longer an longer in noisier environments now than the first weeks after surgery.

My self-esteem has gotten a boost, I’m not constantly thinking of how to stand in a crowd to be able to hear everyone and not having to turn around if someone where to speak to me from the right. I’m quite amazed how much energy I did spend on this earlier… my quality of life has improved tremendously and that was one of the goals when I started off with my journey of Atresia Repair, was to boost med self confidence and my quality of life and it truly has."

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