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Haley Roberson, MSM, PA-C

Atresia Repair Physician Assistant

Kinsey McCartney, MSM, PA-C email: Haley Roberson MSM, PA-C
Phone: (650) 494-1000

Haley is a Physician Assistant and medical provider in our office. She is a primary resource for medical questions related to the evaluation and treatment of atresia and microtia, both before surgery and as a continued support in the months and years afterward. She additionally sees patients for pre- and post-operative appointments, and assists Dr. Roberson in the operating room. Haley also sees patients of her own in clinic, including new and established patients, and performs ear cleanings under the microscope. When not in the office, you can usually find her hiking, camping, traveling, cooking, or trying new things, and photographing it all.


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