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After Care

Evaluation of Atresia


Several areas of data collection are needed to determine the best treatment plan for individual patients. By determining several characteristics early on in the sequence of treatment, predictions can be made about potential success, what the future might hold, and what the best choices are for success. Download this brochure for an overview of the evaluation process. We follow these guidelines at conferences and in considering surgical or other intervention.

Atresia Evaluation Brochure – English (PDF), Click Here Atresia Evaluation Brochure – Chinese (PDF), Click Here Atresia Evaluation Brochure – Spanish  (PDF), Click Here Atresia Evaluation Brochure – Korean  (PDF), Click Here


Dr. Roberson and colleagues have described a protocol for evaluation of patients with Congenital Aural Atresia and Microtia.  This system, using the acronym HEAR MAPS, is designed to ensure complete evaluation in all cases, improve communication among providers, and to provide structure for the evaluation process.  It is described in more detail below.

HEAR MAPS paper, Click Here

Hear maps poster

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