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After Care

Mandible (Jaw) Asymmetry

In 23% of Atresia Microtia cases we have observed around the world, malformations of the jaw have also been identified, a condition often referred to as hemifacial microsomia (HFM).  The malformation is usually mild and does not require treatment.  In more advanced cases, jaw malformations can cause problems with speech, bite alignment/eating and breathing.  The airway can be compromised to the extent that inadequate oxygen is being supplied during sleep, a condition known as Sleep Apnea.  Sleep Apnea is evaluated and diagnosed with a sleep study.  Specialists at CEIMG focused on each of these areas are available for patient evaluation and treatment.  The multi-specialty team is designed to offer all necessary service to patients with Atresia-Microtia.

Jaw abnormalities and other associated facial abnormalities are evaluated and treated by the California Craniofacial Institute.  Surgeons in the CCI division of CEIMG have invented and pioneered several different treatment options for Atresia Microtia patients with jaw abnormalities.

Sleep abnormalities are evaluated and treated by the California Sleep Institute and sleep testing is performed at the California Sleep Labs.  Similarly, the world – renowned MDs of CSI have pioneered many treatment techniques for adults and children with sleep apnea.

Jaw abnormalities are graded with the following scale:

Hemifacial Microsomia


1 Normal
2 Mildly Reduced
3 Moderately Reduced
4 Severe Reduced/Absent



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