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The Doctor is In!

Complimentary Online Consultations for Atresia Repair Now Available

We are happy to announce that we are expanding our consultation service. Now you can schedule a complimentary online appointment with our Atresia Microtia Repair Team. Here are the required steps:

  1. Fill out the form on this page to access our Atresia Repair and Combined Atresia Microtia presentations.
  2. Send in the items listed below. Patient information, Hearing Test, Photos, and a CT Scan. See descriptions below.
  3. Schedule your consultation. Once you have completed the online presentations and we have received all your items, we will contact you to schedule your complimentary consultation. We look forward to meeting with you!

Each patient with congenital aural atresia is unique.  With the proper data and testing, Dr. Roberson is able to provide options for treatment including alternatives, chance of success, risks and rewards of treatment and future developments.  Educational and employment achievement are maximized with hearing from two ears.

Required information for consults:

  • Parent’s name

  • Patient name

  • Patient DOB

  • City, State, Country

  • Language spoken

  • Which side is the atresia on?  Left, Right or Bilateral

  • Hearing Test / Audiogram

    • Hearing Testing will determine if the inner ear hearing nerve function is present.  In almost all cases of Atresia, the hearing loss is “conductive” in nature and can be alleviated by removing the obstruction to sound and creating an eardrum.  In some situations when an ear canal cannot be constructed, a device can bypass the obstruction and stimulate the inner ear to bring hearing to the patient.  Note:  Test both ears as 27% of the time, the ‘normal ear’ has a hearing loss.

  • Photos / Images:

    • of both ears

    • of the patient from the front at face level with the ears showing

    • of the patient from the front at face level with full smile

  • CT Scan - CD or films of the CT scan (applicable when >2.5yrs)

    • A Temporal Bone CT Scan allows the structures of the inner ear to be seen and evaluated.  A grading system is applied to determine the candidacy for a surgically created canal.  Chance of success can be estimated from the CT Scan grade based on experience with thousands of patients.  The earliest age of CT should be 2.5 years.  Specifics of the correct scan can be accessed at

  • Medical History

    • Atresia and Microtia can be part of a syndrome where more than the ear is involved.  Evaluations should determine if the kidneys, heart, and head and neck are normal or if problems beyond the ear exist.  Pediatric evaluation close to home can frequently determine if a condition beyond Atresia and Microtia is present.  Surgical candidacy depends on safety and evaluation prior to treatment.  Planning is essential for customized treatment.

Mailing Address:

Attention: Atresia Evaluation
1900 University Avenue, Suite 101
East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: 650-494-1000

Additional Resources:

Atresia Evaluation Brochure – English (PDF), Click Here Atresia Evaluation Brochure – Chinese (PDF), Click Here Atresia Evaluation Brochure – Spanish  (PDF), Click Here Atresia Evaluation Brochure – Korean  (PDF), Click Here

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