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Mexico - Atresia Microtia Conference
January 14-15, 2023

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Mexico - Location to be announced


The conference schedule includes a morning of lectures by Dr. Roberson,  Dr. Reinisch, and Dr. Tahiri covering various topics related to atresia and microtia.

The areas discussed in these lectures includes but are not limited to:

  • Causes of congenital aural atresia & microtia
  • Audiological testing
  • Child development & auditory processing
  • Surgical Evaluation process
  • Atresia repair
  • Methods of outer ear reconstruction, including in depth details of the medpor or the porous polyethelene (PPE) method of reconstruction
  • Hemifacial microsomia and other syndromes associated with atresia and microtia
  • Information on the latest research & development in the field

We recommend all families who have not yet undergone surgery attend the full morning of conference lectures.  Same-time translation services will provided in the language of the country in which the conference is being hosted in.  Children are not required to attend the conference and some parents actually find it easier to travel and listen to the information being provided without their child (children) present.

Following lectures, attendees of the conference will be scheduled for 10-15 minute consultations with Dr. Roberson and separately with Dr. Reinisch and Dr. Tahiri.  The appointments will begin starting in the afternoon of the lecture day and throughout the following days. During the appointments, each patient’s individual case will be discussed and the doctors will be able to provide recommendations unique to each patient’s medical condition.  The schedule of appointments is typically released 2 weeks prior to the conference and each registrant will receive an email with their assigned consultation time.

We request that the following be brought for each patient who has not yet undergone surgery to be reviewed by Dr. Roberson:

  1. CD or films of a temporal bone CT scan (only applicable for patients >2.5 years old)

  2. Past hearing tests (audiogram hearing test preferred if child is >18 months old)

  3. Photos of both ears and the front profile of the face if patient is not in attendance

Our goal is that everyone who has the opportunity to attend a conference can walk away feeling well-informed and confident in a plan moving forward. The benefits of having the opportunity to connect with other families who are walking this challenging road is not to be minimized.

We feel very thankful to have been entrusted with the care of many around the world and hope to see you at a future conference soon!


Dr Joe Roberson Dr Joe Roberson and Dr John Reinisch

Dr Tahiri

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