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Atresia Microtia and Your Child: How to Overcome the Hearing Impairment and Cosmetic Deformity Caused by Congenital Aural Atresia and Microtia

(by Joseph B. Roberson, Jr., M.D. and Haley M. Roberson, PA-C)

“I could have become so much more.” 

There are certain words no parent ever wants to hear. For parents navigating a diagnosis of atresia and microtia, the fears for potential impact on your child’s future can be overwhelming.

Will my child be able to grow up to live a normal life? Is this condition treatable? What even is atresia and microtia, and what hope do I have? How important is hearing, and is one ear enough? Where do I even begin in seeking treatment? 

Congenital aural atresia and microtia (CAAM) is an ear deformity that is present from birth which results in an abnormal ear canal (atresia) and abnormal outer ear (microtia). It may affect one or both ears, and results in profound hearing deficits. Consequently, children may also struggle with significant speech and language delays, as well as battle a host of other disadvantages and stressors, whether developmental, functional, or psychological.

Most importantly of all, in select children, atresia and microtia are entirely treatable.

Written by Dr. Joseph Roberson Jr., the foremost expert on atresia repair in the world, this book is designed to help parents and patients navigate a diagnosis of atresia and microtia; investigate current treatment options and determine which are best for your child; and compose the ideal treatment team and plan to ensure your child’s success. Ultimately, serves as a detailed guide in ensuring you child receives the best possible care and lifelong outcomes possible.

If you want your child to hear, to speak, to listen, and to thrive in a hearing world despite the hearing impairment he or she was born with—or if you are gathering information about CAAM and its treatment options—this book is for you.

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