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Archived Presentations and Media Videos

Dr Joseph Roberson - Atresia Repair Presentation - Atresia Microtia Conference - Australia 2015

Dr Joseph Roberson and Dr John Reinisch - Combined Atresia Microtia (CAM) Repair Presentation - Conference - Australia 2015

Atresia Microtia Conference 2015 - New York City, New York, USA: Stephen Schendel, MD, DDS, FACS discusses hemifacial microsomia treatments.

Dr. Schendel is a Portola Valley plastic, craniofacial and maxillofacial surgeon who is Professor Emeritus of Surgery at Stanford University and former Chairman of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at Stanford University. Dr Schendel’s medical practice is located at the CEI Medical Group in Portola Valley. For more information email us at, visit his website at, or give us a call at (650) 494-1000.

Watch the May 12, 2015 webinar here:
Talking Atresia Microtia - a live webinar with Dr Joseph Roberson, MD - episode 1

Atresia Microtia Webcast with Dr. Roberson from California Ear Institute

2014: Dr Roberson Welcome Message


2014: Dr Roberson Atresia Presentation - Colorado


2014: Dr Roberson and Dr Reinisch Combined Atresia Microtia (CAM) Presentation - Colorado


2014: Dr Reinisch Medpor Presentation - Colorado


2014: Dr Bonilla - Rib Graft Presentation - Colorado


2014: Amy Brown Presentation - Colorado


2013: Dr Balaker - Bone Anchored Hearing Devices Presentation - Disneyland


2013: Dr Gallant - Audiology Presentation - Disneyland


2013: Dr. Henning Frenzel - Vibrant Soundbridge Presentation - Disneyland


Interview with Dr. Joe Roberson on Peninsula TV One on One Show


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