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After Care

After Care

Postoperative Care: Congenital Aural Atresia Repair Only

Postoperative Care: CAM

Post Operative Mold - CAM or Post-Medpor Azoft from CEI Medical Group on Vimeo.

Longterm Follow Up (Canal Only and Cam)

  • Hearing Test
    • First hearing test should be performed approximately 4 months after surgery, unless a sudden change in hearing is observed
    • Routine audiograms should be performed annually
    • Please email results to Dr Joe Roberson at:
  • Photos updates can be emailed to Dr Roberson at:
  • Ongoing Ear Cleaning: The ear cleaning procedure is to be performed by a local ENT every 6-12 months as needed on the Atresia repair canal. Ear Cleaning Video:

Ear Cleaning - Atresia Repair from CEI Medical Group on Vimeo.

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