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Let's Talk Atresia-Microtia with
Dr. Joseph Roberson, M.D.

Let's Talk Atresia-Microtia is a web series hosted by Dr. Joseph Roberson, M.D. of the CEI Medical Group and California Ear Institute, that will explore the many factors involved in Atresia and Atresia-Microtia surgery. We will discuss everything from the evaluation process, HEARMAPS scoring, the importance and timing of CT scans, treatment options, potential complications, aftercare steps, and many of the most commonly asked questions that our team has received over the years from our patient community.

We have a long list of topics that we plan to cover in future episodes and we would love to hear your suggestions as well. Please email any questions or topic suggestions to Thank you all for the support and we look forward hearing from you!

Warm Regards,

Dr Joseph Roberson
CEI Medical Group

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