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The International Center for Atresia Microtia Repair

USA - Atresia-Microtia Conference - May 25-26, 2019

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Location: TBD

The conference schedule includes a morning of lectures by Dr. Roberson,  Dr. Reinisch, and Dr. Tahiri covering various topics related to atresia and microtia.

The areas discussed in these lectures includes but are not limited to:

  • Causes of Atresia & Microtia
  • Audiological testing
  • Child development & Auditory Processing
  • Evaluation process
  • Atresia Repair
  • Outer ear reconstruction, including an in-depth explanation of the Medpor technique and other methods of Microtia repair in the United States
  • Hemi-facial Microtia and jaw reconstruction techniques
  • Up-to-date information on the latest research & development

We recommend that both post-operative patients and patients who have not yet undergone surgery attend these conferences to hear the lectures, as new information and insights in the area of Atresia and Microtia continue to advance.

In the afternoon following the video presentations, each family will have the option to meet via Skype for a 15 minute appointment with Dr. Roberson, Dr. Reinisch, and Dr. Bonilla.  It is during that time where each person’s individual case is discussed and recommendations are given.

These things are recommended to send in to the CEI Medical Group prior to your Skype appointments:

  1. CD or films of the CT scan (applicable when >2.5yrs)
  2. Past audiology tests
  3. Photos of the children if not in attendance

Contact: for further details

Our goal is that everyone who has the opportunity to attend a conference can walk away feeling well-informed and confident in a plan moving forward.  We will continue to offer live, in-person conferences in the future, but we are hoping this online format will offer an option to families that are unable to travel to our conferences.

We are here to help you with your walk on this challenging road of Atresia-Microtia! We feel very thankful to have been entrusted with the care of many around the world!

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